Group Classes

Included with your Membership or Day Pass

A 60-minute low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise using the resistance of water to tone your muscles. Recommended for all levels of fitness.


A 60-minute class held in the water that works on cardio and strength. An excellent all around workout for the entire body.

Aqua Splash

A 60-minute low impact water aerobics class focusing on muscle toning with light resistance. Held in the shallow end of the pool with flotation belts and noodles. Recommended for injury recovery or arthritis, seniors and non-swimmers.



Chair Fitness

A combination of low-impact exercises designed to improve upper-body strength and cardio wellness, using a chair for support.

Teen Training

High-intensity aerobics performed in a “circuit” fashion, rotating through exercises that target different parts of the body. Studies show that circuit training is the most efficient way to improve cardiovascular and muscle endurance! Modifications can be made to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Full Body Strength

A 45 to 60 minute full body workout using all major muscle groups. Modifications can be made for all exercises.


A 45-60 minute high energy cycling class set to great music and motivating instructors. Ride a variety of
flats, hills and sprints. A great combination of strength, endurance and speed. Recommended for all levels of fitness.

Gentle Stretch and Strength

This class is 45 minutes in duration and is tailor made for those individuals
interested in beginning a fitness class or maintaining a level of flexibility and strength. We begin with a gentle warm up period followed by resistance band and light hand weight exercises. Our movements are done both standing and sitting.

Movin' and Groovin'

A 45 minute low impact, easy to follow aerobic dance workout. Lots of fun music. A great way to
start your day.

Boot Camp

An energetic class alternating between Cardio and weight training. Using the Cybex machines, treadmills and bikes to achieve the best cardio and physical fitness.


A 45 to 60 minute blend of flow and holding positions. Modification can be made for all exercises.


A 60-minute dance-party fitness class featuring fun, high-energy beats and easy to follow routines. You don’t need to be a great dancer to join in the fun - everyone is welcome to dance and get fit.

Qigong Energy Cultivation

A combination of energy cultivation from a series of Mudras and practice of proper
breathing for optimal wellness and fitness.