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Personal Training
Individual or Couple

A Personal Trainer…


Teaches proper exercise form and techniques so you can safely and successfully complete the workout.

Keeps you motivated.

Helps you make an exercise and nutritional plan that works for you, as such, are invested in your overall health.

Plans a schedule that works for you, as a result, saves you time.
Helps you set obtainable short term goals so you can be successful.

Is above all, invested in you.

Swim Lessons
Individual or Small Group

Why are swim lessons so important?


First and foremost, learning how to swim is a life-saving skill. Drowning is still the most common accidental cause of death and knowing how to swim can help save your child's life. Our lessons blend not only the skills, but conversation and action on how to act safely around the water-without making it sound scary.


Secondly, knowing how to swim is a fun way to help your child stay active and the self confidence booster is a huge plus! Our lessons build on skills in a fun and interactive design that keeps them moving with smiles on their faces. We celebrate every win, no matter how small it seems.


Why swim with us? Our instructors are trained, our class sizes are small, lessons are offered year round and our community is strong. Our dedicated swim coaches will assess your current abilities and help you build more confidence in the water. Available for Parent and Me, Beginner Level 1, Beginner Level 2 and Intermediate.


Child Care
Ages 3 Months and Up

Available for up to 90 minutes. Must call ahead for availability.

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